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Features of medium voltage motor

Electric motors are quite common in the engineering industry, but there are different types. Each of the group of electric motors is suitable for something else, it works on a different principle, but the main difference is in their power.  Low, medium and high voltage motors are available on the market. The leading manufacturer in the field of electric motors of all kinds is the company Vybo Electric, which besides the engines also deals with rotary machines. But let’s take a look at what the medium voltage motor is suitable for and when to decide for it.

What is electric motor?


We can say that electric motor is an electrical machine. His main purpose is convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Every electric motor works through the interaction between the motor’s magnetic field and electric current. The main types of electric motor is:

low voltage motor

medium voltage motor

high voltage motor

There are some differences in understanding what is low, medium or high voltage motor. But in IEC 60038 standards is defined the limits of voltage of each type of motor. Low voltage motor is up to 1000 V, medium motor has a voltage from 1000 V until 35 kV. High voltage motor is the strongest because his voltage is over 35 kV. Is very important to know that if you want to install medium voltage motor and establish the electrical connection you need special authorisation. Company Vybo Electric is ready to support you and your company. Vybo Electric can help you to choose the correct type of medium voltage motor or other technical support. Be prepared for true professionalism and great staff attitude. Vybo Electric is a leading manufacturer and all medium voltage motors are made only from the highest quality and durable materials. You can be sure that every component has passed the necessary test. If you want to know more about most quality medium voltage motor from Vybo Electric, visit the website